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Backup tapes easy snatch

There has been a recent spate of data loss (likely theft, but nobody wants to say so) from some major data warehousing operations, information brokers, and financial institutions, and some of that loss has come in the form of “missing” backup tapes. The question is, if backup tapes are a backdoor for ID thieves, who the heck is responsible for sending and receiving so much bulk data in a non-encrypted format? The fact that this was being done came as a complete surprise to me – I always assumed that those drives being carted off to Iron Mountain were encrypted.

With so much personal data being moved by financial institutions, are we looking at a forming trend which could be described as the 21st century’s version of the stagecoach robbery?

Losing money in the stock market? It could be a lot worse.

The stock market has hit year lows, but don’t feel too bad. Grieving Ameritrade customers were recently informed that their data has gone missing. While Ameritrade was quick to point out that the information was old, and that the missing backup tapes could have been destroyed, they have implemented additional account security measures and offered up a year of free credit protection services, just in case.

Keep your eyes out for more on the Ameritrade story – these data breaches always seem to turn out worse than originally thought.