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Your site seems safe, but your database isn’t

Your website may be safe from all the cross-site and cross-frame scripting attacks that the kiddies throw at you, but that doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Real hackers (meaning those over the age of 16, with degrees in computer science and an empty fridge that needs money to fill) are trying to get at your database, and with rising frequency.

Now you can wait for your database provider to issue a seemingly never-ending series of patches (and get the same warm, fuzzy feeling as being a PC user), pull out the dusty manuals (dusty since your app has been doing all the queries for you and you forgot what an SQL command was) and fix it yourself, or shift data collection to another provider (which may be less costly at the margin line than spending the time on the first two options).

Your call.

BitTorrent and databases

Could BitTorrent be used to share information between disparate databases? For example, I have an SQL database full of information, and you have one too. Now I go searching for something in my database, it is not found, so instead of giving up, it would then look on your database. Any thoughts?