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US Defense Department goes plain-text

The US Department of Defense has started blocking HTML email, and gone a further step by banning the US of Outlook Web Access for email. (h/t to Slashdot)

It’s part of a heightened security alert protocol, and how long this will last is anyone’s guess. I’ll bet it is a permanent move to thwart phishing attempts, but with spammers’ tactics changing, I’m not sure how much it will help.

Where can bureaucrats find tech help?

The US Defense Department thinks it is losing the war of information, with bloggers, Blackberries, and a generally unchecked internet foiling their ambitions.

I would have thought that with all the money getting spent inside the beltway, the government would have plenty of talent swooning to help them out. Maybe the dough isn’t really there, or maybe it is just getting wasted on unproductive “talent” (which wouldn’t surprise me). Maybe they (the Department of Defense) should call “the unfrozen caveman executive director” for some help.

US DOD spyware protection out for bid

The US Department of Defense has is taking bids for protecting military computers against spyware. Of course, if I had a surefire anti-spyware package available for distribution, and was offering it for free, I doubt the DOD would take it. Even if ongoing maintenance was non-existent – fully automated – and the whole package was platform independent and 100% bulletproof, they still wouldn’t take it. You know why.

So I wouldn’t follow in their footsteps, whatever or whomever they decide to go with.