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Don’t bother crying for help

I was having dinner a few weeks back with an old friend, and the subject turned to the US economic situation. I’ve known this guy for roughly two decades and trust him like a brother; he is a very smart character who doesn’t pull punches. I was inclined to listen – the fact that he analyzes high-yield bonds for a big investment bank’s private client group certainly didn’t hurt his cause either.

I’ve believed that indebtedness at every level of our society, from federal, state and local government, right down to consumers’ credit cards, home equity lines and first mortgages, has reached epic proportions. But when this fellow said he thought we were headed for another depression, my sceptical nature reared its ugly head. I have a predilection for looking at the downside, as I started my career in restructuring situations, but I relish that downside for its opportunity and I also know that nobody likes a doomsayer. It wasn’t until I read about our nation’s savings rate hitting zero that I began to rethink his claim.