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Why Digg doesn’t sell

Howard Linzdon says:

Digg is truly the most useless of the big Web 2.0 sites. It won’t make you money and it can’t make money…

If they are truly up for sale and they have not gotten a deal done during this web 2.0 binge, they are on their way to smaller founder returns.

If Digg is “the most useless” than can we see a list of the “next most useless”? Along with projected returns for founders (and Series A, B, and C investors)?

Or does that whole “making money” part make the list just too darn big to consider?

AOL evolving so hackers do too

The Washington Post says AOL is evolving, with an image makeover at Netscape leading the way.

What I see so far is them copying digg, and getting picked on by script kiddies.

If that is the first step in the evolution of a former web giant, I’d say they have “issues.”


Can’t blame hackers for this. I wonder how that “everything’s free” thing is going to work out, now that users realize their search results are free to everyone else too.

Social network news latest spam victims

First it was your inbox. Then your blog. Now it is social networks geared around promoting news stories, as Seth Godin shows us. Furl, Digg and all the open source clones popping up are vulnerable.

Why? I think age. Primacy/recency theory notwithstanding, the popularity of these venues, combined with the neophyte composition of their userbase, was bound to attract scammers. Meanwhile, those sites with established user groups, with their loyalty and intolerance of trollers, tend to self-regulate much better – almost by default at this stage of the game. I say, so much for the death of Slashdot at the hands of Digg – it ain’t going to happen.