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The Ballmer effect hits spyware investors

A while back, someone noted that Steve Ballmer had a bit of trouble getting bugs off a Windows machine. Actually, it wasn’t a bit of trouble – it turned out a struggle.

No matter. The investors in spyware company DirectRevenue had the same problem.

You reap what you sow.

Spyware purveyor employed tough tactics

Hiring PIs to track down your enemies. Snuffing out the competition. Hiding your own operations.

Sounds like organized crime tactics, eh? Unfortunately, it was a spyware company doing those things.

Having Elliot Ness Spitzer crawling down your neck is one kind of trouble. Having those tactics documented in court papers is another kind all together.

No wonder the shit is so hard to delete.

Spyware purveyor sued in class action

DirectRevenue, the ad outfit turned spyware vendor (and name change addict – see Is This Software On Your Hard Drive?) has been sued for alleged computer hijacking. The lawsuit contends that DirectRevenue’s software willfully disregards plaintiffs’ rights to use and enjoy their personal property,” and is purposely damn hard to get rid of as well.