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Missing fly fishing

Fresh cuttbowAutumn is here. With a vengeance.

I started the ’09 fishing season with what I felt was a bang, stepping onto the water for the first time in early January. And barely looked back. Spring and summer delivered some extraordinary fun, and some better than average fish too. But time out has become a precious commodity heading into what is usually my favorite time of the year. It’ll soon be too cold for quickie bass and carp outings (if it isn’t already), leaving mountain waters beckoning without an answer to their call.

The dog has been off his schedule for months. He used to stick it out for twelve hours at a stretch without a walk – now he can barely last three. He’s aging at a rapid pace nowadays, but he’s been in the family way too long for his caretaker to do anything besides just deal with it. So today’s outing was canceled. There’s also a project nearing completion, and it’s those last 30 to 60 days before you go live that are always the worst. Mid-week invites have already been permanently declined, and between pet care and pre-launch hell the weekends are disappearing with similar proficiency. The holidays are just around the corner, and I know that late winter/early spring is one-third blown with the entire month of February already wiped off the calendar over work commitments.

Not long ago a colleague said “as soon as winter hits I’m going to teach you how to tie flies.” While I’ve already dirtied my hands at the vise more than I care to, the idea seems more enticing with each passing day. I’m running the longest stretch without wetting a line this year, two weeks, and an overbooked schedule for the next 7 days means it’s a guaranteed three. If I’m not going to be fishing maybe I should throw inventory management to the wind with my already jam-packed fly boxes. You can never have enough flies, can you?

End of summer

MG signing off (while bouncing off the walls, but all things considered not expecting any sympathy)

Pulled over for driving while vaccinated?

On the way over to the pub…

I catch a glimpse of this:

This pup was looking way too serious about driving that SUV for me to resist a camera-phone shot.