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Success for the great Open Space

Trout Unlimited Wild Trout Chapter’s benefit last night for the Eagle River Preserve was, in my opinion, a smashing success. Of course, my view was based on the number of folks with big smiles on their faces, sipping beers, and spewing good fishing stories. There were also lots of bids for the variety of items in the silent auction, so I suspect some good money was raised for the cause.

Great water, great cause

I was invited to fish a stretch of private water just outside of Vail this last weekend. I must say it was a fantastic day with some friends, both aquatic and non-aquatic in preferred habitat. In fact, the walking talking bunch were so tired of the action by our scheduled departure time at noon, that we ended up staying an extra hour (and I’ll bet the gill-laden creatures were glad to see us finally go). The option of getting my vehicle towed from in front of a posted gate was no match for the fun we were having. Dozens of wild rainbows and browns were pulled from pockets seemingly stacked with an unlimited population of fish – they had either never seen artificial flies or just didn’t care that their neighbors were getting violently yanked away from them every couple of minutes.

Okay, enough bragging about my gang and I’s trout hunting prowess. Its at the expense of your wonder as to how much bullshit factor is involved (absolutely zero) anyway, so on to more important matters.

The Denver (Wild Trout) Chapter of Trout Unlimited is sponsoring an event in a few weeks that you will likely enjoy. The effort will benefit TU and The Eagle River Preserve, an open space acquisition project in Eagle County, CO where a current gravel pit will be transformed into a 72-acre park, creating a vital section of prime fishing access on the Eagle River. You can learn more about the Eagle River Preserve here.

The time and place is six o’clock in the evening, Monday, August 29th, at Mile High Station in Denver. There will be a silent auction for all kinds of sporting appliances, including some great fishing gear (but unfortunately for you lessons on their use are not included). Food and cash bar are a given. Honored guests will include U.S. Congressman Mark Udall and famed Colorado photographer John Fielder.

Jason Randall, the TU member organizing the event and rallying the troops, would love some notice on attendance – meaning advance ticket purchases are encouraged (and that is good for you too, as the price is $40 per person versus $50 at the door). You can reach Jason at 303-717-9047, or go the direct route as follows:

– Make a check out to “Trout Unlimited-Wild Trout” and send it to: Wild Trout Chapter — Trout Unlimited; ATTN: Steve Lopez; 2101 S. Clermont St; Denver, CO; 80222; or

– To pay by credit card, grab this PDF flyer (since removed), print and fill it out, and fax back to Jason at 303-778-1717.

Your tickets will be waiting for you at the door.

Hope to see you there for some good fun, and possibly some ridiculously colorful fishing stories. It is a great cause for a great stretch of water, not that my completely unembellished description of our experience there wasn’t enough to convince you already!