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Somebody else’s problem

In terms of ecommerce (and general data) security, that all still depends on who you are talking to.

If you are in the business of making predictions on security trends, it will be the companies’ problem. If you are eBay, it is the customers’ problem.

I say trust nobody – you have to do your own scrutinizing – pointing fingers is reserved for the weak.

Can I have your first-born’s middle name please?

Why do bricks and mortar retailers ask for your phone number when you hit the checkout line. Uh, let me guess. Of course they are storing it for future data mining. Before long, you will be seeing a little notice at the bottom of your reciept that says a bit more than “”By signing this receipt, you hereby agree to pay this bill.”

Cyber-Monday come and gone

Cyber-Monday, the first workday after the Thanksgiving weekend, is when folks head back into the office to do all their holiday shopping. There was a lot of buzz about it, and even a few reports of good vendor results. What is the reality?

Spam hitting ecommerce where it counts

It seems spam (and I will dump phishing into that bucket too), is starting to have an effect on consuumer behaviour. This is not a good thing. According to a report from InternetRetailer.com, GMIPoll (a market research company) surveyed roughly 20,000 online users across the globe about their online shopping habits and the effect spam has on them. The news is not very good.

Anti-Phishing Tips for Businesses

Businesses are no doubt suffering from crooks pretending to be them. If a bank or credit card company utilizes email for account reminders, and a customer grows accustomed to getting them, sooner or later that customer will fall for a scam inserted in between. eBay is a big player who knows this, which is why they rolled out an internal messaging system. The pursuit of “e-safe” customer relations need not stop there.