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Quantitative easing explained: “Is this an episode of The Twilight Zone?”

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Rather than trying to revive the deflation as a cure meme, I’ll just thank Mish.

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World’s Biggest Bubble

According to Bloomberg, it’s globalization itself.


Monday Morning’s Weekend Review

Things I missed because I was doing fun stuff like running from tornados

  • How to stop the next bubble? While the read is interesting, there are certainly plenty of conflicting arguments amongst the discussion participants (summary: they don’t really know the answer). It’s primarily a macroeconomic and regulatory chat – nobody seemed willing to touch on the subjects of herd mentality and the “keeping up with the Joneses” phenomena so prevalent in society – you are not going to stop those bubble creating factors without some embarrassing pain. (h/t The Big Picture)
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch, at least not if lunch is really dinner and you work at Google. Google has axed its famed free dinners, but they really weren’t free to begin with – everyone is on salary and was working extra hours as a result of the perk. Now employees have an excuse to leave early, and go work on their startup. (h/t Mashable)
  • Drug and alcohol spa Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah is using fly fishing as a rehab strategy. Catching trout in the Provo River would certainly keep patients’ minds off harmful substances, but as the Trout Underground noted isn’t it just swapping one addiction for another? I guess you’d have to be a participant to understand; in urban America, when one wants to describe something that is instantly addictive they say “It’s like crack” – in the Mountain West we say “It’s like casting dry flies on the Roaring Fork during the green drake hatch.”