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Why I don’t tie flies

Simple: I sucked at it, and according to Singlebarbed that’s a good thing…

Among the largest sources of capital outlay for fly fishermen are flies, it’s the reason most attempt to learn the craft somewhere in their career; the smart ones fail, realizing that’s it’s twice as expensive – leaving us slow learners to master the craft.

I won’t pat myself on the back too hard for grasping the positive personal economics of outsourcing early on – I now get to lose sleep over nightmares of dumping an assortment of precious boxes in a flow I shouldn’t be wading in, knowing production capacity is thousands of miles away.


Very cool. (h/t to one of “the included”)

Phishing falling victim to simple economics?

The Anti-Phishing Working Group is saying that the fight against phishing is making progress. Phishing sites hit an all-time high in August, but the number of individual scams seems to be dropping. More sites for less scams. This sounds like awareness in action, and it is now costing phishers more time (and time is money) to pull off a heist.

Of course, falling margins could be the result of more competition too. And more competition usually means someone sees a great market.

Another reason to get anti-spyware pronto

While you have to take some of what was said in this article with a grain of salt (considering the source is an anti-spyware company executive), it does bring up an interesting point.

Adware would not be floating around the net, and penetrating unsuspecting users’ machines (Windows, that is), unless there was money to be made.