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More on CAN-SPAM from ClickZ

You ask yourself the question “Does CAN-SPAM Hurt Email Marketers?” and you are likely to hear a variety of opinions. But one thing is for certain, spammers do. CAN-SPAM, whether it is a leqislative knee-jerk reaction to the core issue and/or an actual hindrance to legitimate campaigns, did not pop up out of thin air. The spam problem was the genesis of CAN-SPAM, and now email marketers have to deal with it.

Whether they deal the right way or the wrong way remains to be seen.

Three Quick Steps for Responsible Marketers

Email marketers are under increasing pressure to maintain ROIs from email campaigns. Even the most legitimate, opt-in-only, pieces are often blocked by recipients. If customers cannot receive the message, there is no reason for outsourced email marketing services to exist.