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Your customers are promiscuous

What sayeth you, Bob Hoffman, about that customer who “gets around”?

…The idea that your success is dependent upon your customers becoming deeply emotionally attached to your brand is a delusion. Consumers are promiscuous. Most successful brands have a customer profile that is a mile wide and an inch deep. They’re just not that into you.

As Martin Weigel says… “Your consumers are just someone else’s consumers who occasionally buy you.”

That is also why the current mania for spending enormous amounts of time, money, and energy getting your “fans” to “engage” with you is such a silly preoccupation.

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Engagement, or lack thereof

Via Ad Contrarian

We know that ads on Facebook are alarmingly invisible, with click through rates somewhere around 5 in 10,000. But we’ve been told that the real value in Facebook is not in display ads but in engagement on brand pages.

From what I can tell, these things are just as ineffectual as display ads.

The rest of the “startling news” is here.

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Does anyone care what you write, or where you write it?

Why a lot of what you read really doesn’t matter:

Fragmentation applies to 100pct of media. We have gotten to the point where it is so easy to publish to the web, that most of it is ignored. When it is not ignored and it garners attention, the attention is usually from those people, the amateur outties, whose only goal is to create volume on the web in hopes of being noticed.

Additionally, I’ve often wondered why people are so willing to syndicate their content across networks they have little control over, and require additional engagement on their part. According to Mr. Cuban’s hypotheses on attention and relevance, it’s amateurish.

But where content, and distribution, are available for free, can the laws of scarcity even be applied anymore?