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Permission-based blocking via personal whitelists

There are certainly some major advantages to having a personal whitelist working for you. After it has been properly configured, you can be fairly certain the volume of spam is going to drop. But getting it configured can be an ongoing job, particularly in the spoof-a-thon world we live in now.

A Gem in Entourage

I was putting together a piece on Microsoft Entourage for Mac, but Al Fasoldt of The Post-Standard beat me to it (see Entourage is superb in keeping out spam).

I can’t help but agree with Al’s points on Entourage. I use it (exclusively), and even at “low protection” settings, I now find myself simply dumping everything that winds up in the junk mail folder (it hasn’t produced a false positive yet). And, it doesn’t miss much – in my estimation, less than the 10% or so noted in the article.

Thanks again, Al.

PS: If you are looking for Entourage, it is part of the Microsoft Office 2004 Suite for Macintosh. As long as you are a personal user, the best way to get Entourage is through the Student/Teacher Edition, which you can find here: Microsoft Office Standard Student and Teacher Edition 2004 Macintosh. It is a fully functional version, but only allows three install licenses, and is not upgradable. But who cares – it is a great deal.

Microsoft Junkmail Updates

A few days ago, Microsoft posted updates for the Junkmail tool in Outlook 2003. While the Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB892236) isn’t going to solve all your problems, it is a good start. Unfortunately, for those running previous versions of Outlook, I believe you are SOL (if I am wrong, please provide a link I can post, for the not so lucky).

For those of you who feel your are more highly evolved, running Entourage on the Mac, but for some crazy reason just don’t have AutoUpdate running, here are your updates (posted months ago): Microsoft Entourage 2004 Junk E-mail Filter Update 1 (11.1.0). Please turn on your AutoUpdates while you’re at it.