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The Rise Of Anti-Spam Lawsuit Entrepreneurs

Mike Masnick:

No one likes spammers, and being able to sue them and make some money off of it sounds good, right? But it appears that it’s becoming a bigger business these days, and in a story about a specific case from one such person, Eric Goldman reasonably questions the tactics of some of these “anti-spam litigation entrepreneurs,” noting that they often seek out spam, just to have more to sue over.

I alluded to this some time ago.

FTC says come play with us, neighbor

The FTC has been on a roll. They know CAN-SPAM doesn’t work and continue cracking down on the sleaziest of spam – all the while politicking for change.

Now they are enlisting additional help, across borders, and technical too. The name of the game this time is proxypot, as in spam honeypots placed on open proxy servers that spammers are likely to target for distribution of their messages.

No doubt it is an interesting approach. Honeypots have been used for a while to get spammers on blacklists, and now they are being leveraged for criminal action. The only thing I wonder is how long it is going to be before spammers start screaming entrapment.