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Stuff I saved in my feed reader for the last seven days – 05/18/09

How Entrepreneurs Can Survive

Bernard Lunn makes another outstanding contribution at ReadWriteWeb. This time it’s a look at the credit crisis, and what entrepreneurs must do to survive. I’m oversimplifying in this summary, but for entrepreneurs the uncertainty remains, stupid business plans will still hit the can, and startups are still more work than fun.

Read the whole thing.

Breath fresh air – miss good news

I was fishing Wednesday, and I had an all day meeting on Friday (which unfortunately was on a river, so I couldn’t use NewsGator Go! to stay abreast). Saturday I pulled another all-dayer – there was no business talk but there was plenty of discussion regarding “life aquatica” and how to fool them. Some folks might think I missed a lot:

Interestingly, Forbes threw in a note – people aren’t visiting national parks like they use to.

Maybe they’re too busy keeping up with the news.