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Digital certificates are costly, and leaky

The Washington Post’s security blog uncovered a phishing site using a valid SSL certificate, among other little tricks. Fortunately, the site was quickly shut down.

We knew this was coming down the pike. Phishers were already spoofing digital certificates, and using a real one was a logical next move. Scary. The fact that a big data warehouser, Equifax, pawned off this service a while back makes it kind of funny. That Choicepoint, (leaky as a $15MM sieve) helped out with this latest flub makes it even funnier.

Credit Information Flow Should Be Regulated

Credit information services are just one more link in the chain, aggregating data in the name of X amount of efficiency, while sucking X + 1 of monetary value out. Who bears the burden of X + 1?

What Kind of Data is Floating Around….?

Somebody just emailed me and ask what information companies like Choicepoint, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion actually have on people. The email included the comment “Well I have never been contacted by ChoicePoint, or any other of these bureaus.”

Well, no kidding. And if you contact them, they charge you an arm and a leg for any reports, if they offer them at all. Most of those reports WILL contain erroneous information that they won’t change for you (at least without making you jump through three rings of fire, swim the Straits of Magellan, and climb Mt. Everest without oxygen).

Back to topic – what do they have…