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Spyware company in Ernst & Young award running

You’ve gotta love entrepreneurs. They are the folks that risk their lives for dreams, cooked up in garages and basements and on coffee house napkins. They are the cogs that make the machine work. I personally adore the looks in their eyes when their fledgling enterprises get some press – some validation that their idea was recognized. It is exciting as all getup.

When the promotion is misdirected, however, I think it is deserving of sneers, as in the case of Ernst & Young and Ernst & Young and a spyware/spamming outfit.

:-/ —-> That’s the best sneer I could muster online.

Now E&Y really doesn’t gets the benefit of doubt. In fact, I think they might just be clueless.

E&Y laptop thefts not all alike

Ernst & Young has been waging a losing battle with laptop thieves. First they lost one that contained Scott McNealy’s SSN, and now four more machines have fallen prey.

On the first, the E&Y employee deserves a drubbing for leaving the machine in a car. That is just plain stupid. But regarding the laptops stolen from what I suspect was a client location, well that is another matter. The second incident is no different than the perps directly stealing a client’s machine out of an office cubicle, and no thief is really going to care much about a Kensington security cable – that is what wire cutters are for. If a consultant or auditor’s data trove isn’t safe in a client’s office, then the client has bigger fish to fry than E&Y.

Either way, however, E&Y does deserve whatever The Register dishes out for not disclosing the issue to affected parties in the first place.

Anti-Phishing Tips for Businesses

Businesses are no doubt suffering from crooks pretending to be them. If a bank or credit card company utilizes email for account reminders, and a customer grows accustomed to getting them, sooner or later that customer will fall for a scam inserted in between. eBay is a big player who knows this, which is why they rolled out an internal messaging system. The pursuit of “e-safe” customer relations need not stop there.