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607 posts, MySQL, Excel, and some patience

There were 607 posts in this blog with broken links, due to the migration of Spamroll and Thoughtmarket posts over here. I didn’t have existing, running blog platforms with which to apply custom export scripts, so I tooled with raw databases…

  • 517 posts were repaired by extracting their contents using MySQL, and matching link titles with the titles from this WordPress install. The matches were imported into Excel, where concatenation was used to create a long list of UPDATE/REPLACE sql statements. The updates were then run against the database.
  • Of the remaining 90 posts, 75 were modified by hand to replace links that were lost in migration, including links to site search strings and uploaded documents.
  • 13 posts were deleted because broken/missing links were so relevant to the post that not having them made the post useless – most of these were cross links between blogs.
  • Two posts were deleted for personal reasons, having provided me with such extraordinary lessons in human behavior that I no longer wished to share them.

Total time spent on this endeavor was approximately four hours, done mostly in the wee morning when fresh caffeine was still in the bloodstream. All should now be well with internal links here.

PS: All link targets to new windows were also permanently removed (as I know having new windows pop up when clicking web page links has to aggravate more than just myself).

Those spreadsheets may cost you

A flaw in Excel has opened users to malicious attacks. An email-born file is floating around that contains a Trojan horse that perpetuates more malicious downloads. Microsoft may get around to fixing the problem, but maybe they should ask Armando Amado to kick in a few bucks for some help.

One way or another, spreadsheets cost you. Those Google Spreadsheets may not look so bad after all.

Google Spreadsheets, so we can really screw up some numbers

As if buggy spreadsheets weren’t problem enough with one user, Google is now offering online spreadsheets. Now ten or more users can mortally wound next quarter’s analyst estimates. This error thing isn’t some isolated problem either, it’s pandemic for goodness sakes (or at least that’s what Slashdot calls it).

As much as Microsoft consistently opens itself to poundings, I’ll say this: “You can pry my Excel from my cold, dead hands!”

File interoperability, please

If you email someone a document, created in some fancy proprietary file format, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get read.

In this day and age, there is no reason why a file cannot be an Adobe PDF, a Word doc wrapped in a zip file, or a non-macroed spreadsheet. Acrobat Reader is free, and everyone has a copy of Word and Excel (if you don’t, get OpenOffice..its free too, and it reads everything created using Microsoft Office).

But if you create that valuable piece of information in some program you wrote yourself, compiled in Cobol on a VAX, and used a “.nobodywillknowwhatthehelltodowiththisfile” extension, don’t expect it to be of much use.

I certainly won’t read it.