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Execution is the hard part

Mike Masnick ask…”Why protect the ideas?

Agreed on the premise. And I wonder too, although I’ve never been in a patent fight (the closest I’ve come is a bogus trademark infringement cease-and-desist letter).

Thomas Edison: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Many moons ago some joker’s weblog had a tagline that read “A groundbreaking idea short on rigorous execution is an illusion of value” too.

Leadership and execution, together, prove it out

“Leadership is power to endure an ongoing quest for information or influence . . . not just actual triumphs like making profits or achieving stated objectives.” – Marsha Sinetar

I believe in the information part – but, one should be careful about seeking influence (it can get to your head pretty quick). And you have to combine those quests with precise execution (or at least some execution), or you wind up “thinking” about all the knowledge you have, frozen, staring…at the headlights coming at you.

As usual, thanks go out to the contributors.

A Day With The Blingo.com Founder

I have not made an entry here in a while, primarily because I have been spending a lot of time on a duet of consulting projects, as well as my pet weblog on internet security issues over at Spamroll.com. But I had a chance to reconnect with an old colleague for the last 24 hours (during his visit), and I found it important enough to jump back on Thoughtmarket.

The old colleague I am talking about is Frank Anderson, and his new company/website is Blingo.com. We worked together for a number of years (during our consulting days), and have remained friends since (even though he doesn’t go fishing very much anymore). I have always found our discussions about business and technology enlightening, but this time around it was especially the case.