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E&Y no longer gets the benefit of doubt

While I deplore laptop theft, I hate hearing how careless people are with them particularly when the machines are loaded with personal data. And an auditor should not held solely responsible when a laptop full of client information is stolen from that client site.

At first I gave Ernst & Young some benefit of doubt, even though one of their people left one of the machines in a parked car (arghh!). Not this time.

Anti-Phishing Tips for Businesses

Businesses are no doubt suffering from crooks pretending to be them. If a bank or credit card company utilizes email for account reminders, and a customer grows accustomed to getting them, sooner or later that customer will fall for a scam inserted in between. eBay is a big player who knows this, which is why they rolled out an internal messaging system. The pursuit of “e-safe” customer relations need not stop there.