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On-line special on Chanel fly rod kit

No…you fashion sissies can’t get the $18,000 Chanel fly rod and box at a discount!

But you can read a review of it, or at least a letter requesting the rod for review (mind you, thinly veiled in sarcasm).

Fly fishing moves to Rodeo Drive

All you need is bling

The problem with the fly fishing industry isn’t that it’s struggling with bargain hunters – the whole sport has just gone upmarket. Leave it to hardcore investigative journalism to finally uncover the truth:

The Underground has just breathlessly learned that fashion house Chanel is offering a Chanel fly rod (and matching monochromatic flies in black quilted case) for… $18,000.

The jet set have a plan of action too: they’ll be landing G5s on deserted state roads, at which point convoys of black Hummer H2s (with tinted windows and chrome 22s) will pull up to carry the rich and famous to their final destinations.

Everyone grab your guiding qualification while you can. The good times…they be returning!

Or should I start ordering more MGA trophies?

BREAKING UPDATE: Don’t get guide certified – get your monkey training permit instead.