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Alex Landeen Does Blog

Master photographer of all things with a trigger just got a new pair of shoes …

alex landeen

When you lose roughly a squillion pounds while on a subsistence diet [of rainbow trout and rice] it’s hard to call yourself a “Fat Guy” anymore. So Alex Landeen got himself a new blog too.

MG signing off (because the jury’s still out on the suit thing)

The most epic blog post in the history of fly-fishing blog posts

The title contains the necessary descriptive elements: epic, blog post, history, and fly-fishing.

You can find it here.

That is all.

MG signing off (because what can be done now has been done)

Introducing The Landeen Photography blog

I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself. Alex Landeen, professional photographer and Fat Guy Fly Fisherman extraordinaire has started a new blog about the fine art of recording radiation on sensitive mediums, and telling the story in literary form too:

I didn’t know this man, and he didn’t know me but as I stood in this place with the playful wind and soft orange end-of-day light I felt closer to something I couldn’t quite touch.Who was Larry Titus? Who are his grilling, drinking, party friends? Has he finally found some gas?

I will probably never know, so I took a photo instead.

I don’t know Larry either, but I do know Landeen (and have the bar tab receipts to prove it). And while there are plenty of photography blogs out there, I also know that when the words professional and photography are used around Alex’s name, they really should be spelled with capital Ps. He’s just that good. You can see more of his work here.

MG signing off (excited that he’s about to get more photo tips from Alex without having to buy him any beer)

Epilogue: Thoughts on fly fishing with a Fat Guy, and fly fishing itself

While I only had the opportunity to fly fish with one of the Fat Guys, I did get to drink with two of them. Alex concluded best in his account…”it would be really funny to go sit on Kyle’s passed out head.” So you all know how the partying turned out. And while the fishing was good by almost any objective standard Alex didn’t convey precisely how incredible it was, at least from this angler’s point of view.

For someone who has fished the targeted water for a sum total month and a half of his life (at least), I consider it one of the best days ever. The fishing itself was off-the-wall, but the camaraderie made it all the more special. We walked, we talked, and we laughed an awful lot. There were many a high five throughout the day, as unselfish fishermen tossed their rods at the drop of a hat and scrambled to net each other’s takes. Landeen the photographer was there to record for posterity the anticipation, the excitement, the unbridled joy. It doesn’t get much better.

All smiles on the water
Alex captures the essence of fly fishing…having fun

For me, fly fishing isn’t just about the rod and reel, the feel of the cast, the occasional (or in this case, constant) hook sets and fights, and the netting of fish. It’s about days like we had, and it’s the main reason I rarely fish alone. I don’t get quite the same enjoyment fishing just for the sake of it, and thanks to guys like Alex Landeen (and Nate Taylor) I’m reminded of why.

Preview: What happens when you go fly fishing with Fat Guys (UPDATED)

A preview of Alex Landeen…

Alex's Rainbow

A preview of Michael Gracie…

Gracie's Brown

Read the whole shebang at Fat Guy Fly Fishing (when Alex gets around to it).

UPDATED: Alex is nowhere near as lazy as I thought!

What happens when multiple fat guys converge at a single point?

Alex Landeen (a.k.a. Fat Guy Alex) is coming into town, supposedly to fly fish. He’s depicted the first few moments after stepping into my abode in cartoon:


Fat Guy Kyle is right down the street (like an hour’s drive, but who’s counting steps), meaning 2/3rds of the Fat Guy Fly Fishing contingent, plus about 3/4ths of a fat guy (me) will be in the same place at the same time.

Will those rods Landeen is toting in get tested, or broken? Will he drink all my beer? Will we team up to give Kyle a wedgie? Will it be an idyllic fly fishing experience, or extraordinary mayhem?

Stay tuned.

Brunch with the Fat Guy

Fat Guy Fly Fisher Kyle Deneen gets Mondays off. On this particular weekday start, he was near Denver (I planted a GPS tracker on his ride during this scene), and since the weather was supposed to be pretty nice I remotely re-calibrated the device so he would wind up near some fishing water. Thankfully, the guy is paranoid when venturing into urban environs, and won’t leave the house without being geared up in case heavy combat ensues. It was a sunny fly fishing brunch, fittingly near an avenue called Florida.

Alas, we hooked one pig between us that never felt a grip around its tail. But we did bump into local carp magnet Tom Teasdale, and were glad when he took off. Reason…he schooled us, with three fish in an hour (Kyle played net boy), including one tipping the scales around fifteen pounds. Pretty much while we were standing elbow to elbow too. Ouch.

Teasdale and Carp

Ok, so the guy fishes the brownwater around a hundred days a year. Still, I’ve got a lot to learn about these goldfish.