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FTC finally preparing to cough up Choicepoint dough

It’s official: you may now been entitled to some of the Choicepoint settlement money. All you have to do is start filling out a bunch of paperwork.

I wonder how much the FTC earned in interest.

More like a crazy uncle

CNET is calling the impending congressional bills on stopping spyware the “Son of Can-Spam”; I think the whole mess is more akin to that crazy uncle nobody in the family wants to talk about.

The FTC and Congress are are fighting a turf war over spyware – the FTC says they can handle it, and congressional “leaders” think they can squeeze some good PR out of the mess. One thing is for certain: if Congress passes a law that looks anything like CAN-SPAM, you can expect a lot more spyware in all kinds of new shapes sizes to hit your computer, as these laws only seem to make miscreants more creative instead of more law-abiding.

FTC pushing ISPs to stop zombie networks

I am not going to spend a lot of time telling you about the FTC’s latest initiative, which is trying to get ISPs to stop zombied computers on their networks.

Why you ask? Am I just getting lazy?

Spam purportedly on the decline, no thanks to regulators

You have to love it when a politician speaks out on a technical issue, ties their tongue up in knots, and talks down to the mainstream in hopes of taking some credit for a public issue. I think that the latest statement by the Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission speaks volumes for that love. Unfortunately, I can’t bash the politician here, as the one in mind didn’t give much credit to the regulations either.