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Privacy breach begins at school age in Britain

According to a pile of bureaucrats in the UK, fingerprinting schoolage children is fair game. Parents – piss off! You have no right to stop it.

The next headline you are likely to see?

“Private, Fingerprint-Free School Company in UK Goes Public At Trillion-Dollar Market Cap”

…that is, after the headline that reads something like “mass exodus begins from UK public school systems.”

No passwords, and no fingertips either

There is this very wealthy guy up in Seattle who I admire, but for not for the reasons you think. It isn’t about the money, but the extremely saavy strategies by which he got it, and the way and the and his wife give so much of it away.

OK, I said it. I like Bill Gates, but I don’t like his software. I wish he and his cadre would build something on a UNIX-like platform, show the world he can do the same kind of good technically that he does for the world community, and dispense with the marketing fluff which has and is costing Microsoft dearly.

Case in point, Microsoft wants to dispense with passwords, and is pushing a variety of means to do so. But one thing screws this idea up – FEW trust their products. They license other’s technology and wrap it into funky packaging, then expecting everyone to jump up and down. The latest example of this is their fingerprint capture – what they decided on has already been hacked. This is besides the fact that NOBODY trusts biometrics.

Come on boys – get with the program.