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Will the Mozilla Gay Marriage Mayhem really matter when the history books are written?

If you’ve been “too busy” Pinterest-ing (or just hiding under a rock), a $1,000 donation to an anti-gay marriage proposition, made six years ago, resulted in the ouster of Mozilla’s newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich.

It’s been said the whole kerfuffle represents a violation of liberal values
and that Brendan Eich was already a bad CEO. Notwithstanding the fact the guy probably hadn’t even chosen his office chair yet.

The scathing commentary continues, because while it seems this particular fight is over what still remains is determination of how the history is written. Will having a CEO that is a gay marriage proponent really matter to Mozilla a few years from now?

browser usage statistics

Browser market share – data from W3Schools

Or maybe the better question is … will Mozilla even exist a few years from now?

MG signing off (because if you don’t stop your screaming and take a look around, you might miss something)

50+ Firefox Add-ons For Security and Privacy

Still, I’m always a bit skeptical of using browser plug-ins to enhance privacy/security.

Microsoft Firefox 2007 Pro

Now everyone can browse in harmony!

Microsoft has “released” it’s own version of Firefox (and someone released a few laughs this morning as well).

Among the requirements for the new, improved browser:

– A quad-core 4.6 Ghz CPU (for Hotmail)
– 5 GB of RAM
– Microsoft peripheral integration (or else)
– Spyware-laden Powerpoint plug-in

The company is accepting all major credit cards for purchase of this new/improved version of otherwise free software.


Mozilla shoots at the messenger

firefox.jpgTwo hackers outlined a potentially serious Javascript flaw in Firefox, and the powers that be were not happy.

Snyder said she isn’t happy with the disclosure and release of an apparent exploit during the presentation. “It looks like they had enough information in their slide for an attacker to reproduce it,” she said. “I think it is unfortunate because it puts users at risk, but that seems to be their goal.”

Mozilla leaders then proceeded to beg for mercy, reminding everyone listening in that $500 goes to the person that reports a hole in Firefox (versus the alternative of creating a botnet ring and picking up tens of thousands from the spamming).

My take – you are not going to get the underworld on your side through small bribes, and you certainly aren’t going to get them to stop outing vulnerabilities. You should embrace the latter, and use your oodles of money to fix the problems instead of whining about them.

If you don’t, you’ll just be….uh…..Internet Explorer.

Trojan targets Firefox users with broken mice

There is a piece of malware floating around that masquerades as a Firefox extension, but I’m not too worried.

The trojan, called FormSpy by McAfee, targets already infected computers (which means it probably has a great distribution base). But the extension it is trying to portray a plugin that allows users to navigate websites using keyboard numbers – that tells me its good for folks that don’t have a functioning mouse to do the same.

One down, one to go

The breaking news is that at least one operating system no longer has to suffer. I can hear it now:

“It is recommended that Windows users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as The Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox.”

Burning a hole in my pocket, but I don’t care

My better judgement was tossed on the front steps this last Wednesday, the moment the MacMall sales associate told me there was no sales tax on products purchased online, for delivery to me.

New release Apple Powerbook G4 12 inch with Superdrive. 80gb hard, 512mb RAM, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0, etc. etc. Oops.

Now for some initial thoughts after tinkering around with it for the last six hours…….