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Symantec’s troubles are far from over

Symantec’s new leader has his work cut out for him – the company has a lot of issues that need fixing! The latest is a relatively benign (but nonetheless spooky) security hole in its firewall softwares that can bop users off of IRC chat networks.

“Symantec said Wednesday it plans to tweak the behavior of its Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall products..”

This kind of thing should simply not be happening to a firm who is focused on security. I’d say they have a heck of a lot more than “tweaking” to do.

Good news in security war

While I don’t buy into the idea that new Windows machines coming with firewalls turned on and trial-ware for viruses and spyware eliminations makes the world a much better place, at least someone is actually aware there are issues.

12 minute trip to hell

We have heard this a few times before, based on various security firm tests. But just so people don’t get complacent about internet security (or think that the firms doing the tests are just there for pushing products), here it is again…

It can take as little as 12 minutes for an unprotected PC connected to the internet to catch some sort of nasty bug. That is less time than it takes to get anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a firewall installed on a fresh PC.