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This Weekend in Fly Fishing – Bamboo Battles and a Podcast for the Ages

Only if you’re not fishing. Drinking is optional.

You think it’s time to buy bamboo?

The oft-proclaimed bodhisattva of rough fishing has had it ‘up to here’ with rod prices. KBarton10 (a.k.a ‘K’) notes that despite cost differentials favoring the modern way, graphite rods are the ones whose prices have shot to Pluto. Me thinks that this is mostly a marketing blunder major rod manufacturers will comprehend right about the time they are trodding into court with their bankruptcy attorneys – nonetheless I applaud the #2 Man in Black for risking life and limb at the hands of the evil Graphite Bugs.

Translation: Singlebarbed is fast becoming the go-to resource for understanding why fly fishers are always scratching their heads when looking at their bank statements. If it hasn’t arrived already.

As for this statement from ‘Zed’…

If only fly fishermen weren’t such absolute and utter whoossies when it comes to an extra couple of ounces in their hand, they’d realize it.

I’ve got no problem with a little extra weight. You get a great arm/shoulder workout that way (although it’s still probably less resistance than the 12 ounce curls you’re doing right now). But I’m not an MIB, yet I do have some of those ‘flashy thing’ glasses (in the form of closeout Smith Super Methods). That makes me impervious to statements such as “I think it’s time to buy Bamboo.”

Bamboo to me is like the ‘noisy cricket’ – fine if all you want to cast is a size 32 Griffith’s Gnat. But try spending a couple of days throwing six-inch pieces of barrel-eyed, wooly headed, sopping wet rabbit strip tied to a 200 grain sinking line, and you’re going to need a real gun.

I guarantee you’ll still get a fine workout, only it’s going to be from hauling in overweight fish instead of whipping around eight feet of varnished noodle.

Listen Up

Fish ExplorerI’m spending part of my weekend prepping gear, and it isn’t even mine. The proud owner of the new equipment hasn’t taken to the wisdom of staying brushed up on knots, so I get to tie multitudes of nail rigs to the ends of flyline on their nickel (delivered in the form of vast quantities of Guinness Draught). You don’t have an invitation to the fun, which is sad because I’m prone to spewing some real treasures while winding gelspun backing onto other people’s reels (and no, the drinking won’t help matters). But don’t dismay, you can still catch the drone of my voice via the web.

Fish Explorer has their latest podcast up, and it’s a doosie. Why? Because despite the fact that Tim ‘Fishman’ Emery is ever the gracious host, I’m the star of the show. You’ll get to hear plenty of ums and uhs (just like a presidential press conference), and the icing on the cake is I have no clue what I’m talking about either.

Blogs, Carp and Killer Ducks discusses the growth of the fly fishing blogosphere and why it’s a good thing, how yours truly wound up in the fine fishing state of Colorado, and why I’m never fishing without a hardhat again. It’s weekend entertainment at its finest.