Michael Gracie

As a Reminder

What should have been a spring float with private water access turned into flash flood warnings and work:


  • 20+ year old coffee cup as a reminder that Bloomberg terminals are very expensive and the money goes to designers who’ve turned the related dot com into a circus brochure … Check.
  • Computing device displaying litany of code errors as a reminder that while one might pay attention in class that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to wind up pounding their head against the desk … Check.
  • A [gorgeous] Scott Wells Gyotaku print of a brown trout on the wall as a reminder that I could have been someplace else if not for the shitty weather … Double Check.

MG signing off (to brew another press full of coffee)

Hallowed Waters of Mystery, Intrigue, and Bad Oarsmanship


  • Three #14 Parachute Adams, two #16 LaFontaine Sparkle Caddis Pupa, and one #14 Tan Elk Hair Caddis fooling two dozen brown trouts – about $5
  • Five hours of road time and the number of a reliable shuttle service now permanently ensconced in the Rolodex – roughly $120
  • Yours truly getting the boat wedged in a rock wall, culminating in no grand tragedy other than a horrified look on his face …



MG signing off (because you knew the punch line already)