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Fantastic [Final] Four

Kept my fingers crossed all weekend. Not for the Gators to beat Dayton, nor for settlement in the Arizona/Wisconsin matchup, but for UConn (7 seed) and Kentucky (8 seed) victories. And it worked.

final four 2014

MG signing off (because his fingers are kind of stuck crossed right now, which makes typing hard)

March Madness Niceties

Anything can happen in March, but it is still nice to be the ever so slight favorite …

March Madness

One percentage point over Louisville and Arizona (at 17% each)

As for the bracket, well it comes from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, a journalistic outpost that is attempting to apply some rigor to its reporting. A novel concept indeed, and also nice to see.

MG signing off (because the devil’s in the data, but today’s journalism is just a never-ending sales pitch)

The Kid Has Class

You can “engineer” a pro-style release, but you cannot simply conjure integrity and thoughtful leadership. Denver Broncos management knows this.

The home team just gained another fan.

Farewell Urban Meyer

Florida Gators football coach Urban Meyer has announced he is resigning:

Meyer resigned Saturday after five seasons in Gainesville and two national titles. He goes into the Sugar Bowl with a 56-10 record at Florida that includes a 32-8 mark in league play and a school-record 22-game winning streak ended early this month against Alabama.

Cited were health issues, yet despite various, valid accounts of medical attention speculation now swirls as to Coach Meyer’s “next move”. And with the departure of Heisman quarterback Tim Tebow, as well as a host of players which made the Gator’s defense #1 in the country, the press is already digging the team’s grave.

Sports pundits and armchair speculators are what they are because they can’t play ball, can’t coach, and don’t have the capital to start bookmaking services. In other words, they’re useless, and their “what have you done for me lately” drivel is worthless.

Urban Meyer’s record speaks for itself, and if the Gator’s were to go 0-11 next year it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to this Florida alumnus and lifelong fan. What’s done is done, and what’s done in this case was done very very well. That’s what I’m going to remember.

Farewell Coach Meyer. Take the money and run. Have fun with your family, and take care of yourself. And if you ever fancy catching a trout in a cold, clear mountain stream, pick up the phone. There’s a rod and reel waiting for you here.

Thanks for the good times, and godspeed.

UPDATE: It’s now an (indefinite?) leave of absence. I guess I could have overwritten the contents of the post and closed the comments, but I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a Huffington Post-er.

In The Mail: A Reminder Of Celebration

The night of the BCS Championship I sat in a bar, celebrating a great friend’s birthday while simultaneously carrying on a play-by-play texting conversation with some other great friends who were at the game. By the end of the night everyone involved was in full party mode.

And this came in the mail today…

Thank you Craig and Julie!

It was accompanied by a note that said ‘better late than never’ – I say such a fine gift could be a decade late and it would still be worth celebrating.

Go Gators!

MG signing off (until next season, which is right around the corner)

Florida Enters BCS Title Game With Top-Paid Athletic Director

Bloomberg Sports!

The 56-year-old Foley is the highest-paid athletic director among public schools in college football’s top division, according to contracts obtained through open-records requests. His $965,000 in guaranteed salary can grow to more than $1 million after benefits and bonuses. The University of Kansas’s Lew Perkins is second at $900,000, followed by the University of Wisconsin’s Barry Alvarez at $750,000.

The above-mentioned are big schools with big programs (Kansas b-ball is always a favorite), but none (mentioned or not) have had the run Florida is on. The possibility of four major championships in four years, without an hint of impropriety, is hard to argue.

Go Gators

I say money well spent. And…we’ll see ya’ Thursday!

Proof Santa Claus has his priorities straight

Sorry Sooners…Santa is a Gator fan

Merry Christmas!