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Line winding station

When it absolute, positively has to be there overnight (and/or rigged with your own two hands) …

fly line winding station

The stainless container was a five buck setback; pens are readily available via any manner of office visit.

MG signing off (because overnight is still a month away)

Line review: Rio Trout LT

gear bagWhen I first heard about the Rio Trout LT, I immediately presumed Rio foresaw a trend towards lighter rods and slower actions. Whether that’s the global case or not, it has happened, to some degree, around these parts. Hence, begging and pleading for some test product came naturally. Then, even before arrival, I started asking myself “what’s wrong with the Rio Gold I’ve been casting?” The answer turned out to be nothing, and everything, as this premium addition to the RIO lineup is every bit a special breed.RIO Trout LT

Rio bills the Trout LT as…you guessed it…the best thing since sliced bread for tight spaces and ultra-delicate presentations. The Gold is offered in WF3 through WF8, while the Trout LT can be had in WF1 through WF7 and double-tapered line weights 1 through 6. Yes, one-weight – it doesn’t get more dainty than that.

My personal quiver now ends at #4, but no matter. I’ve had this line out a half-dozen times, strung on a Scott G2 884/4 – that’s 8’8” of bona fide noodle, perfect for casting #20 dries in streams I could almost reach across with my stubby arms. The fact my aging eyes can barely see those flies on the surface is of no consequence – touchy-feely was secure for testing.