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Christmas Tradition

Everyone has their holiday traditions, and the table fare is usually part of it…

Chili Cheese Dogs - A Christmas Tradition

Merry Christmas.

MG signing off (because you don’t break with tradition)

The blue pill, the red pill, or the diet pill

Choose your vestThree days into this grand event called FIBFest, I stroll down to the dock. There I’m met with a slight, as Trevor Covich, Assistant Manager at Andros South, hands me the blue vest.

Some folks believe the color blue represents safety, while red represents danger. Others feel that blue would be hard to see when you’re overboard, while red stands out like a sore thumb when in the water. Unfortunately, when it comes to the mandatory floatation vests Andros South clients wear on the boat, blue means extra large while red fits the medium to small we all wish to be.

Dinner at Andros SouthI’d like to call the incident a simple misunderstanding, but the fact of the matter is that for the first three days out, I was, without question, immediately handed a red vest.

I hold no ill will towards Mr. Covich though – everyone has seen my dinner plate. Bottom line – the food at Andros South isn’t as good as the bonefishing, but it runs a really, really close second.

MG signing off (to find a Jenny Craig program in the Bahamas)

Name a fish that is worth killing

This comes out of southeastern Queensland, Australia – the wholesale massacre of a school of breeding-size permit:

That’s one school of trophy size permit (aka snub-nosed dart or oyster crackers) that no longer exists. Local anglers Fisho spoke with say that permit of this size have never been seen before in the Noosa region. It’s likely the fish were part of a spawning aggregation. It goes without saying that if netting like this continues these stand little, if any, chance of developing a sustainable population.

A decade ago I stood on the beach in Los Frailes, fly rod in hand, and watched netters surround a large school of roosterfish while my guide screamed bloody murder and ran to the jeep for his telephoto lens. This permit debacle reminded me of that.

Then I scrolled the comments, finding this from Mr. Frank Hussey:

If fly flickers were aware of this permit fishery you would not be able to get a room in Noosa! Probably worth $500 each to the sport fishery – and they would be released. I think I’ll come up for a look just in case they missed a few.

dorada mexicoI heard the same thing on that sunny day in Baja, and consider the point valid. Both species are near and dear to the hearts of the fly angler, but can a commercial fisher actually make the leap from selling by the pound to selling by the 1/2 day? Surely the profit margin is better, but is there a big enough market?

I reminisce about all the fish I’ve caught and eaten. I can only think of one that is sick fun to take on the fly, goes great on the grill, and is a prolific enough breeder and voracious enough feeder that it probably isn’t going to wind up on the Endangered Species list very soon.

What else is out there, worthy of catching and eating? Or should we be sticking to madcow and fries a side salad?

MG signing off (to ponder what’s for dinner)

What you can’t learn about economic crisis from an iPhone

John Carney, Managing Editor of the Silicon Alley Insider, waxes poetic regarding what you can learn about economic crisis from an iPhone:

It started innocently enough. This company called Apple had released a new phone that everyone said was going to change the world. People lined up for days to get the new phone the moment it was released. The news media covered the launch breathlessly.

I didn’t even consider buying one. Sure, Jim Cramer’s nephew was telling everyone that it was a good way to impress girls. And I noticed that my friends at the Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn were getting a even more of the fairer sex’s attention than usual when they brandished their iPhones. But I never seriously considered buying one.

Eating an iPhoneI hope you’re still with me, because I myself was lost from the get go. Maybe I’m just dense – I still can’t figure out where the rubber meets the road, unless Master Carney was…

    a) trying to point out that Jim Cramer’s nephew is desperately seeking the wrong Susan;

    b) attempting to impress us by alluding that he hangs out with a ‘high-class’ yacht club crowd; or

    c) letting us know that he’ll soon lose his ass on financial stocks and is setting up for a stimulus handout to get that iPhone.

All I can tell you is that I’m hard pressed to imagine that the folks at Gowanus (the non yacht club) are shooting the duck they’re eating, so if the proverbial shit hit the fan they’d all starve.

And they can’t eat their iPhones either.

It’s the Food Inflation, Stupid

Barry Ritholtz says that if there were any gains this quarter in the retail sector, it was almost entirely a result of food inflation.

With the exception of a few ultra-high-end outlets, his analysis seems spot on.