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Is “Free” A Danger?

Most internet business models are advertising supported. I find it amusing – Alex Isgold thinks it’s downright dangerous. Could be. Read the whole thing.

One point of contention

Alex noted…“Of course, we all prefer the light Google Docs to Microsoft’s heavy desktop software.” I am not sure who “we” is – most of the folks I interact with say: 1) Google Docs, with particular emphasis on the spreadsheet, is useless beyond adding a column of numbers which they can do just as readily with a desktop calculator; and 2) that their initial impression ensures that they will never try using the apps again. I tend to agree on both accounts.

Another example worth pondering

Fred Wilson calls the concept of creating a Facebook widget, the sole purpose of which is to garner a user base for other Facebook widgets, a valid business model. An incredulous software engineer calls it a pyramid scheme. Which is it?

Beware of the “Free Credit Report” offer

With all the talk of identity theft, it comes as no surprise that folks are getting more concerned about checking their credit. And when the masses get concerned about something, there is always someone out there ready to take advantage of the situation.

While this isn’t a big deal from a security or privacy standpoint (at least not yet), Techdirt pointed out that a lot of free credit report offers are really just a ploy to get you to subscribe to an expensive credit monitoring service.

Dell 42 inch Plasma TV – Free!

Gizmodo had a review of the Dell 42″ Plasma TV the other day (see Dell W4200HD 42-Inch Plasma Reviewed (Verdict: Wait for Sale) : Gizmodo).

Well the title is pretty self-explanatory.

I personally won’t wait for the sale, as I don’t watch much TV at all. But for those TV junkies out there, a better way exists to get that TV without having to wait, and WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY AT ALL! It’s called Blingo.

A new search engine which popped up on the radar a few months back, Blingo presents an interesting twist on the old search model. They give away prizes just for using them.

Now you may be wondering what the catch is. Well there is none. No signup process is required to win a prize – all you do is search. Now you must have cookies enabled on your browser in order to be tagged for a prize, but that is little sweat. Blingo does not gather extraneous information about you, nor do they harrass you after you win. Your name is not released to anyone outside of the Blingo crew, ever.

Yes, I am plugging another site. Reason being, I know these folks, quite well in fact. They are a standup crew with no intention of screwing anyone (unlike 99% of the sites out there). No, I am not an investor in the business, so I stand no gain on seeing them do well.

I would, however, like to see some intelligent, honest entrepreneurs hit a homer off a unique model, without raking their customers over the coals. I think Blingo can do that.

So go to Blingo, and win that sweet TV, you crazy, game playing, movie watching, Nick and Jessica loving, home theatre junkies, before its GONE!