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Technology Quote of the Month

So far, but hard to beat

Steven Hodson on communication technology utilization:

Communication is a great thing but over-communication I think can also be a detriment. We seem to want to spend so much time talking about literally nothing in order it seems to justify our use of these tools. Communication tools are meant to enhance our lives and our work but it seems that they have become more of a means to lose ourselves in the mundane instead.

I don’t think it’s all justification of use – some of it is trying to lead by example so the “mainstream” will learn and adopt. Meanwhile, the mainstream is still figuring out how to make this month’s mortgage payment.

Does Friendfeed blog comment integration spell the end of niche competitors?

Just a question

ReadWriteWeb has integrated Friendfeed comments into its blog platform. The process came about via a simple Movable Type plug-in (and the site notes a similar plug-in also exists for WordPress). It’s free services, integrated into free media, using free plug-ins. Meanwhile, Disqus, Intense Debate, SezWho, CoComment, etc. are trying to build businesses around the same type of functionality. Most if not all are venture funded.

While FriendFeed has yet to unveil a business plan itself (and it’s venture-backed too), does the free on free on free the service and its extensions provide spell the end for the “business” of comment aggregation?