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Thieves (Again) Targeting Colorado Fly Shops

It’s happened before, and it’s happening again. Via Angling Trade:

A well-orchestrated group of of thieves is targeting Colorado fly shops. So far they have made off with several thousand dollars in merchandise. The group is stealing high end product. Among the shops hit thus far: Laughing Grizzly, Angler’s All, Charlie’s Fly Box, Trout’s Fly Shop, Orvis Cherry Creek, and Rocky Mountain Anglers. Thefts occurred February 2-3…

Sadly for thieves, the fly fishing community is a pretty tightly knit group, even nationally, and I suspect these crooks aren’t going to get far. Keep your eyes peeled for new high-end merchandise being hocked.

More here.

MG signing off (to spread the word)

Help catch a thief – get a Sage fly rod

There has been a rash of robberies around Front Range fly shops, reports the fly shop managers who have my number input into their phones so they can quickly reject my calls The Denver Channel:

Several Denver-area fly fishing shops have been robbed in recent weeks, and now store owners are hoping to use social media sites to reel the suspect in.

In all, it’s estimated the thief has stolen as much as $10,000 worth of gear from seven stores in the Denver metro, as well as two stores in Pueblo.

Among the folks leveraging the web to find the culprit are Trout’s Fly Fishing, who have a link to pictures of the suspect posted on their Facebook page.

After talking with one of the victims, I can tell you to keep your eyes peeled for new, high-end gear, maybe up for sale. Most people who fly fish with any consistency should know exactly what I mean by high-end gear. Information leading to arrest will get you a new Sage fly rod, compliments of the shops that have been taken.

I’m the last guy on the planet that needs another fly rod, so if you email me with any information I’ll pass it along and you’ll get the credit.

MG signing off (To Catch A Thief © 1955 Alfred Hitchcock)