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Syndic8 – Google spam, take two

A few weeks back the entire blogging world, Spamroll included, was talking about how WordPress was gaming its search engine rankings. Setting up tons of pages to press advertising against is no way to make a living. If you site, product, whatever, can’t stand up to a decent business model, then it is time to move on. Unfortunately, the simplicity of PPC advertising makes scraping for a few extra bucks pretty easy.

None of this is going to end soon, and with aggregators galore popping up to stake their claim, I suspect it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Case in point, Syndic8.

Search spam made easy, for now

Lets face it folks..while email spam is still a problem, and a growing one, spammers know that it is all about economics. If they can’t make money off of the exploit, then it is time to move on. Secondarily, if the space gets crowded enough, with spammer and anti-spammer alike, then it is time to try something else. If the attention (and the cash) is focusing on other channels in cyberspace, then maybe some ingenuitive folks can get the jump on the rest, and the payoff, before that scam gets overrun.

Lets sit back and watch, as they take the search engines bait..

Is Google Becoming A Central Theme in Spam Wars?

I came across this post from A Whole Lotta Nothing, which struck a familiar cord: Blogspot is hurting America. Well, I am not sure how much it is “hurting America”, but it certainly seems like it could be hurting bloggers.

Is the Blogger product really being used by spammers to game Google search results? Does Google know this is going on, and if so, are they doing anything about it? They are in the same building, aren’t they?

Seems like a simple solution could work as follows…