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Gizmodo rubs Mac Trojan in Mac faces

The title of the post is “Mac Trojan Horse Appears: Ha!”

The author is anonymous, and that is probably a good thing too. After the snappy title, we get:

“If it is launched it requires administrator access before having the ability to install files, cause carnage, and duplicate itself by sending to your iChat buddy list. Suck on dem apples, Apple.”

Windows users only dream of having to jump through hoops to get a trojan horse installed. So much for editorial quality in a top ranked weblog.

Next up…”Linux users running 24/7 as root get infected by Chinese language skull-and-crossbones Perl script, after un-tarring, manually moving to aliased cgi-bin directory, and making it executable, all of which can only be done via remote terminal window, from IP address 999.999.999.999, with SSH.”

Oh, I forgot…….Ha!

Dell 42 inch Plasma TV – Free!

Gizmodo had a review of the Dell 42″ Plasma TV the other day (see Dell W4200HD 42-Inch Plasma Reviewed (Verdict: Wait for Sale) : Gizmodo).

Well the title is pretty self-explanatory.

I personally won’t wait for the sale, as I don’t watch much TV at all. But for those TV junkies out there, a better way exists to get that TV without having to wait, and WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY AT ALL! It’s called Blingo.

A new search engine which popped up on the radar a few months back, Blingo presents an interesting twist on the old search model. They give away prizes just for using them.

Now you may be wondering what the catch is. Well there is none. No signup process is required to win a prize – all you do is search. Now you must have cookies enabled on your browser in order to be tagged for a prize, but that is little sweat. Blingo does not gather extraneous information about you, nor do they harrass you after you win. Your name is not released to anyone outside of the Blingo crew, ever.

Yes, I am plugging another site. Reason being, I know these folks, quite well in fact. They are a standup crew with no intention of screwing anyone (unlike 99% of the sites out there). No, I am not an investor in the business, so I stand no gain on seeing them do well.

I would, however, like to see some intelligent, honest entrepreneurs hit a homer off a unique model, without raking their customers over the coals. I think Blingo can do that.

So go to Blingo, and win that sweet TV, you crazy, game playing, movie watching, Nick and Jessica loving, home theatre junkies, before its GONE!