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Gov’t agencies now cooperating on threat education

The Federal Trade Commission, in collaboration with Homeland Security, the Postal Service, the Department of Commerce, and the SEC, has launched a new website called OnGuard Online to educate computer users about security threats. Spyware, spam, phishing, identity theft, and safe shopping guidelines are part of the mix, and my perusal of the site noted the content is pretty solid, and shaken down enough for the non-geek computer user. Looks like they hired some AJAX developers too, as the site looks sharp, and moves and shakes with unadulterated flair.

One thing I did find strange, however, was all the care these folks took at instructing users on how to safely set up P2P file sharing, as I suspect that will raise the ire of the RIAA and MPAA. And their section on VoIP fails to mention that software like Skype easily puts a lid on government eavesdropping techniques.

Silly me for mentioning that stuff, eh?