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Recent spam busts a circle of friends?

I don’t have time today to check this out (how irresponsible, eh?) but I’ve been told that the suits and fines I “reported” on earlier today are linked together. According to an anonymous tip, Gratis Internet was the main cog, selling lists to Datran (which Spitzer got a hold of), and Jumpstart (which was just fined by the FTC).

Gratis who just got sued in NY sold the lists to Datran and Jumpstart. Spitzer got Datran and the Feds got Jumpstart. Datran doesn’t seem to have violated CAN-SPAM, but did violate the privacy policies which is how Spitzer got them. I’ll bet the Feds took Jumpstart away from Spitzer because of CAN-SPAM.

I suspect the next one will be JDR that Gratis sold the lists to. See the legal complaint against them to see who else they worked with.

Looks like Datran was trying to do the right thing but didn’t know who they were buying from. The Gratis lawsuit (item 41) indicates they thought they were getting a legal list.

Can’t get to digging up the complaint, so I can’t validate any of this – but it is interesting, and none too surprising. Can someone throw the community a bone here? Almost forgot – thanks for the write in.

Privacy Policy? What Privacy Policy?

It what may be the most brazen violation of privacy terms I have ever heard of, Gratis Internet of Washingon D.C. has been accused of selling data on millions of its customers, despite a privacy policy that says it wouldn’t do so.

The sites collecting the now well-distributed data include FreeiPods.com, FreeCDs.com, FreeDVDs.com and FreeVideoGame.com – you know, those bastions of the new economy who business models are, well, more than a little obvious.

Of course, Eliot Spitzer is the guy doing the accusing, and while we know what his motivations are, you gotta love him nonetheless.