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A Sunday Streamer Night Out

Noting if you drive 65 mph the whole way, you save a lot of gas

I spent Sunday night out. Green Mountain Reservoir was the spot, and casting double streamers into the Corey’s Slough (named after the joker who discovered it) runout was the game plan. Arrived, set up the tent, and then took the dog for a walk-n-fish. Caught 30+ 20+ little guys before realizing I didn’t forget my camera (it was tucked away in the vest – very unlike me to be prepared).

Finally caught some decent pics as the sun went down (and before the pup and I struggled back down to the fishing hole in the dark to knock off a few more rainbows).

House for a night – a green tent deserves Green Mountain Dam



Losing light – but we’ll fish some more anyway



Dog sees squirrel – dog frozen in his tracks, as he knows he is outmatched


Better than the city, and used less than half a tank to get there and back. But, it was windy as hell all night, and raining when I woke up. Combine that with a tired shoulder from double-hauling tandem streamers for four hours, on a six-weight, and it’s definitely going to be an afternoon nap day.

UPDATE: Heh…camping gear on sale! I don’t need any more gear in that department, and I’m not buying into the survivalist bit either. Nevertheless, I have been reading the SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea to brush up on the multi-night skills, and there’s certainly a lot of fun information within.