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Guinness going the way of the Schlitz Tall Boy?

It was the beer that made Milwaukee famous, and that which was smuggled from the fridge for inclusion in fishing outings circa junior high. Then it disappeared from the shelves. Now Guinness, the beer that made Ireland famous – at least in the minds of Florida rednecks, of which I am a proud alumnus – seems headed down the same path.

Zak Avery speaketh…

So why would such an icon appear to be losing its foothold in the market? There’s no doubt that, as a nation, our drinking habits have changed radically over the last decade …while it’s easy to recruit new drinker to sweeter drinks, it’s another thing to recruit them to something that looks like it will taste like the darkest corner of an old man’s beer cellar.

When Mr. Avery says “nation” he means Great Britain. Still, say it isn’t so! I wouldn’t be able to work, or play, if Guinness was no more.

Of course, Schlitz is coming back, thanks in no small part to microbrew grunge match champion…Pabst Blue Ribbon. Maybe the world’s tastiest cholesterol medication just needs some new marketing zing.

MG signing off (to find the kind of hope a politician could never convince me existed)

Afterhours: Guinness Stout meets OpenSSL

My partner cranks through hundreds of RFCs, then directs me to tinker with the PHP libraries.

Thank you sir. May I have another?

I love trial and error assignments.