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Georgetown University late to the punch

Educational institutions have a sordid history here at Spamroll. But since you are now numb to the news of system break-ins at such places, I won’t harp on it. Nevertheless, I must ask the question – why did Georgetown University wait three weeks to start notifying potential victims after an attack exposed 41,000 names, birthdates, and Social Security Numbers?

Notification is where legislation is needed.

Can you believe I actually said “legislation is needed? Neither can I.

What is it with our educational institutions?

I just don’t get why universities can’t get their data security acts together. They seem behind the times in almost every facet, and the news of breaches keep on coming. The latest is Indiana University getting hacked to the tune of 5,300 student records. Doesn’t surprise me that computer science degree enrollments are down.

The Hinsdale Hack

A couple of high school kids hack into their school’s computer system, nab a bunch of social security numbers and other student and staff data, and now they are under investigation and facing possible charges. They didn’t do anything with the data – it just sat on one of their home computer’s for (according to authorities) months.