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Hacker is as Hacker does

The bad guys are generally pretty smart, so it takes a good guy just as smart to thwart their efforts. Often, the former morphs into the latter for the occasion.

I see a lot of job opportunities on the horizon for a certain class of former criminal.

UPDATE: Security breaches are getting harder to detect and fix. Translation: Even more business headed Monster.com’s way.

We need a Hacker Hall of Fame

That would be for the white-hat types, and the 2006 inductees would be…

Hacker – defined

At a cocktail party full of institutionalized lackeys, it means you are a dreg of society, a misfit. At Spamroll, it often means you just broke into a government computer system, and are now headed to jail. But, it’s more often a badge of honor, at least computer geeks in the trenches – “he’s a great hacker” is a compliment that makes even the most humble engineers smile. Bruce Schneier has more.

Bad day to be a former hacker turned security expert

That day would be this last Sunday, and that former hacker turned security expert would be Kevin Mitnick and his website.

A Day at “Hacker Camp”

Yes, there is such a thing as “hacker camp.” No, “hacker camp” doesn’t exist to teach people how to break into computers and steal data – it is designed to teach systems administrators how to thwart attacks. And those with the know-how can pick up gigs to go with that training.

Now, the point: when stories of “hacker camp” hit the MSM, you know someone upstairs is finally realizing we have big problems on our hands.

I get the feeling that IT security won’t be a thankless role for much longer.

What’s your shade of hack?

I was at a party one night, and the subject of Skype came up. Some of the guests started cringing at all the free communication talk – they worked at a telco, of course. Then one proceeded to ask me “if I was some kind of hacker.” The person had absolutely no idea what they were asking, and I could only chuckle to myself. I couldn’t hack my way out of a wet paper bag.

Nonetheless, for everyone who doesn’t understand the term “hacker,” which is generally used in the mainstream to represent someone who breaks into computers, here are some definitions, in terms even my dog could understand.

Two kinds of hackers

It used to be that hackers wrote intrusive code only to get recognized amongst their peers. Some did it for the sheer joy, while others did it out of generosity – to warn some sys admin of a vulnerability. Unfortunately, our society has forced the altruistic coders into hiding, and little is left to do with system hacks than steal information.