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I’ve got’em in my crosshairs, Hank

BusinessWeek is running this article, and I think it is worth your time to read. It chronicles some of the recent criminal activity that has been plaguing the internet, and what the authorities are doing about it.

The bottom line is, hackers (the bad ones that break stuff, not the good ones who create stuff) are moving from fun to money as motive for their actions. Exploits are becoming ever more complex, and the authorities are being forced to implement ever more intricate countermeasures to knock them down.

I personally offer the good guys the best of luck, and any resources at Spamroll’s disposal. Best regards to the “Hacker Hunters.”

Another reason to get anti-spyware pronto

While you have to take some of what was said in this article with a grain of salt (considering the source is an anti-spyware company executive), it does bring up an interesting point.

Adware would not be floating around the net, and penetrating unsuspecting users’ machines (Windows, that is), unless there was money to be made.

Who’s to Blame for T-Mobile’s Holes?

Wired News found out that the hole in T-Mobile’s systems that allowed hackers access to gobs of personal information was known about for some time (see Wired News: Known Hole Aided T-Mobile Breach). I think this is worthy of a few pointed questions, don’t you?

Danger Danger – Wireless SPAM hackers ARE on the loose

Norm Morin of NKC Systems put together a simple little piece on computer security for the Lowell Sun that I think is worth a read.

I’ll ignore the obvious issues of viruses and spyware – Norm gets down to business talking about wireless security, and how it effects spam. What is described is a pretty easy-to-do, and likely much more widespread than you might think, process of “wardriving and spamming.” Wardrivers, folks that cruise around neighborhoods looking for unsecure wireless connections, are using those open connections to send out spam. This is bad news, boys and girls, and here’s why….