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The brighter side of printer ink

If you’ve ever owned an inkjet printer, you probably know how it feels when the low ink light goes on. It’s fear and loathing and a trip to Office Depot. A lot has been said about the price of ink – it costs more than caviar. Over the life of a printer you’ll spend many times it’s value in the black stuff.

What hasn’t been discussed much is their failure – ink cartridges (emphasis on inkjet) are electronic components, and things do go wrong with them. Usually you just throw bad ones away, and then take out a second mortgage for a new one. You didn’t know they had a warranty, did you?

I’ve owned my present color inkjet printer for roughly five years. During that time I’ve replaced the ink numerous times, mostly when the cartridge ran low. A few weeks ago the printer quit working altogether, and I assumed it was low ink causing the trouble. When I pulled out the black cartridge, it felt light, so I traded a few Krugerands for a new one. Unfortunately, when I put it in, the printer still didn’t work.


HP saw no spending change from financial clients?

Read between the lines.

From Reuters: “Hewlett-Packard Co saw no change in spending from financial-services customers in its fiscal fourth quarter, Chief Executive Mark Hurd said on Monday.”

Mark Hurd deserves a lot of credit for jumping on a nasty situation with guns ablaze. Things are definitely getting better. But Mark also said:

“We do not have a huge exposure to the financial services industry.”

How about getting an opinion on financial services capital spending from a company that DOES have material exposure to the sector?

The Reuters headline smells funny. Even Barron’s piled on without a hint of skepticism.

Phone records are safe, except for HP board members

That’s a joke, by the way. Phone records have long been accessible by surrepitous means. But if you were a recent member of Hewlett Packard’s board of directors, your phone records were more than fair game.

Techdirt has done a good job summarizing this story, so I won’t bother. No, actually I wouldn’t bother anyway. It’s just too damn disgusting.


The phone records of reporters involved in “the leaks” weren’t safe either.

***UPDATE 2***

Looks the probe snagged the phone records of someone’s retired father too. You dog was in the room when the vet was talking with their adulterous lover – your phone records are now up for grabs.