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Something Thoreau wrote on June 16, 1854

“Suppose you have a small library, with pictures to adorn the walls – a garden laid out around – and contemplate scientific and literary pursuits, etc., etc., and discover suddenly that your villa, with all its contents, is located in hell, and that the justice of the peace is one of the devil’s angels, has a cloven foot and a forked tail – do not these things suddenly lose their value in your eyes? Are you not disposed to sell at a great sacrifice?”

He was a known tax protestor, but it is still fascinating that he was exploring deeply what government should be doing, that is to make life more valuable, at a time of relative harmony.

MG signing off (thinking old ideas are worth revisiting, even if history is doomed to ignorance)

Blast from the past: The Brown Trout – A Success Story

Brown TroutVia Sports Illustrated, April 30, 1956

Behind the brown trout is a history in the true American tradition, a story complete with its misunderstood hero, lots of conflict and a happy ending. The setting is an idyllic one of dark pools and sparkling riffs, but too often the background music of whispering streams and the liquid notes of the hermit thrush have been drowned out by the plain and fancy cussing of sportsmen, scientists and nature-lovers.

Interesting contrasts in history; many nowadays view the brown as the ultimate articulated streamer charging predator, but back in the fifties the fly of choice was a light Cahill.

Read the whole thing.

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The most epic blog post in the history of fly-fishing blog posts

The title contains the necessary descriptive elements: epic, blog post, history, and fly-fishing.

You can find it here.

That is all.

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Hippie bashing history lessons

I wonder if these folks will actually read their own quotes and wonder how hypocritical they sound.

Do people really get more conservative as they age, or are they inclined to simply ignore history (including their own)? If the latter is the case, the web is going to change all that for the next generation. Blogs, MySpace pages, Google “Street View,” yada yada, are going to make it so.

Everyone will be telling you exactly how much of a hippie you really were.

The History of Malware (and more)

Compliments of Sophos (pdf).

I love the introduction, where they say the whole thing about rumored slowing of threats (which never seems to happen). Of course, take all reports of growing threats from security companies with a grain of salt – the same dose of incredulity you would apply to an operating system company saying their software is safe and sound will do just fine.