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Tying with David: Luna’s Titanic

David Luna has struck again. First he went “dirty bird” with the Cheap Hooker, and now he’s taking MG to task with something (God forbid) that floats on the surface.

Call it a dry fly if you like, but it is still chunky meat as far as the author is concerned. Mr. Luna got fed up with hoppers always sinking on him, so he conjured this cruise-liner. It’s got all the fuss but can withstand slow water and fast water, deep swirls and shallow.

David has built the fly so it holds up in even the harshest environments (maiden voyages, zero visibility, and near freezing water notwithstanding). The construction engineer can also make tweaks as needed – under-wing color, indicator and under-body are open for interpretation. Crashing it into a logjam on the drift is not – you’ll lose it for sure, but at least you’ll have someone else to point the finger at (like the tippet supplier).