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Hackers desperate – kidnap Hotmail accounts

What some will do for money. And, what some will do because they’re lazy.

Hackers are deploying ransomware which hijacks Hotmail accounts.

I don’t get the point, but then again, I don’t get much. Meanwhile, I am still trying to figure out what real purpose is served in keeping your free email on the provider’s servers, particularly since most POP access is free as well.

SpamCop Targeting “Organized Crime”

First it was Google’s Gmail, and now it is Microsoft. SpamCop is blacklisting big companies as though they are the lead enforcer on an organized crime taskforce.

The bad of this is that a lot of helpless users are going to get their email bounced. The good part of this is that free email services are a haven for spammers, no matter what they say about security. Maybe this will force them to tighten up their ships a little more.

How much spam depends on where you are looking

I didn’t get any spam until I started Spamroll. I got very little until just a few months ago. Now I get plenty.

Bill Gates said the problem would be solved within two years, and as of this week, time’s up. Of course, the powers that be in Redmond say it depends on where your email box is, purporting to have solved “95%” of the problem with Hotmail.

I can’t even get a POP email through to Hotmail, while sitting on a Comcast line. I guess I’m getting all this spam because I’m not using the right service.

Are authentication troubles deeper than folks think?

A marketing trade group starts requiring its members to use authentication, but Techdirt says its a joke that only leads to more problems.

I don’t have much of an opinion on it either way, as the whole authentication battle seems like a bunch of monkeys in a barrel. But I seem to have been effected by Microsoft’s moves with Sender ID.

Top 10 viruses and hoaxes – March 2005

Sophos has published their top 10 viruses and hoaxes list for March 2005. Damn, that was quick.

The virus list is kind of boring – lots of the same old Netsky, with a dash of MyDoom and Sober, and ZaFi-D holding a strong lead (this sounds like cross between your aunt’s recipe for devils food cake and an announcer at a dog track, doesn’t it).


Threats peaked? Whatever!

Larry Seltzer of eWeek has an interesting op-ed entitled More Evidence Spam Has Peaked. Interesting, I say, as late in the article Larry points out a big reason why it might not have actually peaked (and why it may never go away).