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Right now in Houston

According to the Houston Food Bank

“Right now, one in five people in southeast Texas don’t have enough to eat.”

Probably more like one in three right now, so please click the logo below and give what you can. Link is via convio.net, and has been tested (i.e. I received a valid receipt directly from the HFB).

Medical supplies are also needed, and eBay/Paypal are matching donations up to a quarter million. You can contribute RIGHT HERE.

MG signing off (thinking Texans are pretty cool)

UPDATE: And here’s a Paypal link for Irma related relief -> https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/107725536494624790

Cameras and strange voices, everywhere

UK officials figure if they already have cameras everywhere, why not add loudspeakers to them so they can shout at folks engaged in suspicious activities.

I wonder what Houston’s police chief thinks about that idea?

If you’re not doing anything wrong..

Houston’s police chief wants ordinary citizens to put security cameras in their homes, which just spawned a new posting category at Spamroll, “Privacy.” Between this and all the talk about NSA wiretapping, I have to think there is something in the water down in Texas that turns bureaucrats into paranoid schizophrenics; that, or making them impotent, prompting their desire to peer into the bedrooms of those who prefer bottled products.

My suggestion – they should all get back on their daily cocktail of bourbon, lithium and V1agra, and take a page out of Robert Mueller’s playbook – show a little humility, and ask for cooperation, citing some semblance of logic regarding said need.

If you are not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about? It’s become the popular byline of bureaucrats when talking privacy, and their delusional methods for invading it. My answer would and will, simple be, “you.”