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Do Not Press This Button

Mr. Godin frames it as a study in human behaviour. I say it is half the reason we have so many infected computers. Click here, just don’t press that button!

(but just imagine how many trojan horses you could distribute with such a thing)

ET is not the one phoning home

Despite the fact that Pew says internet users are approaching the web with a bit more caution, I’ll reiterate that I view most surveys with some skepticism.

Case in point – spyware reporting activity is soaring. The flip side of this coin could be that monitoring of spyware “calling home” activity is a nascent observation, or that spyware is getting worse at hiding its process. But I doubt it.

It takes a long time to change human behaviour – my guess is folks may be “thinking” more cautiously, but still “doing” the same old same old.